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Web Design

We will design a simple, elegant, professional, scrolling, one page website containing four sections which will bring your business onto the global stage.


We will also setup and manage your website hosting at a very cost effective per month price. We will maintain it, back it up and keep your domain name registered and active.

Personal Email

As part of the hosting and administration we will setup 5 personal email address for you and provide you with instructions on how to access your mail via IMAP.

Website design & low monthly administration fees.

We aim to lower the barrier to entry to enable you to get your business onto the world stage. We will do the setup and development for you and make the process of getting your website and personal email active a painless one.

Why your business needs to be online!

#1 – A professional Image

In today’s digital age if a company does not have a digital presence it does not look like a professional, legitimate company. Would you prefer to buy your next car from someone who has a professional looking website or someone who can only provide you with a gmail email address?

#2 – advertising 24 hours per day

Your website runs 24 hrs a day 7 days a week 52 weeks of the year providing your customers anytime anywhere access to your contact details and services.

#3 – Building trust, inspiring confidence

A website inspires confidence in potential customers through references and testimonials of your existing clients as well as showing people your business is here to stay and that it will provide them with a service they can rely on.

#4 – Reach more customers

The internet is here to stay and is becoming more and more a part of our everyday lives. Your website will be your online brochure showing customers who you are and what amazing things you can do. Customers will be able to see all your products, specials, services, prices and more in a convenient and familiar location.

#5 - Single Point of contact

Your website will become your single point of contact that all your other marketing efforts will link back to. It will provide you with a communication channel to reach out to your customers as well as a channel through which they can reach out to you.

#6 – your own Email address

Having your own personalized email addresses which references your business name will give your business a more professional look as well as make it easier for customers to remember it.

page style gallery

Browse how your page could look

Here are a few examples of how your page could look. You can pick and choose sections you like, effects, colours and styles and we will put it together for you.

Our Fees

R 500

If you agree to a 12 month administration contract with us we will design a simple, elegant, professional, one page website. 

Browse the options in the menu at the top of this page to get a feel for the design you like and select the sections, colours, layout and styles you wish to have for your website.

R 1
Administration PM

We will setup the hosting of your website at a very cost effective price. We will maintain it, back it up and monitor it. 

There is an annual domain name administration fee of R250 pa, however if you pay for 12 months administration for your website in advance each year we will do the domain name administration for free.

R 350

Included in our administration services fee, we will gladly do small changes on your website one or twice a year for free.

For larger alterations, additional pages, website redesigns, blog training, a Facebook page and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) assistance we will quote you based on our hourly rate.

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