Our fee structure

R 1
website Design

If you agree to a 12 month administration contract with us, we will design a simple, elegant, professional, one page website. 

R 1
Administration PM

We will setup the hosting of your website on the basic tier. We will also maintain it, back it up and monitor it’s availability for you. 

R 1
basic Support

We will gladly do small changes to your website one or twice a year for free. As well as offer free advice on your blogs and customer reviews.

R 1
Additional Email

As a part of your website administration we will provide you with 5 personal email addresses linked to your domain name, if you need more addresses, we can provide them for R120 per month per address.

R 1
Domain Name admin

There is a domain name administration fee of R250 pa. However, if you pay for 12 months website administration services in advance each year we will do your domain name administration for free.

R 1
Advanced Support

For larger alterations, additional pages, website redesigns, blog training, a Facebook page and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) assistance we will quote you based on our hourly rate.


The Website Admin Services (“Administration Services”) offered by WebPro101.com are for the administration of the Clients website (the “Website”) this includes the setup of the Website with a third-party hosting company (The “Host”) on their basic tier. Should you require additional space and capacity and need to move up a tier the price difference will be added to the administration fee.

On agreeing to an initial 12 months of Administration Services with webpro101.com we will develop a simple, elegant, one-page word press website for you. Under the special price, no more than 20 hours will be spent developing this page. Should additional time be required this will be quoted for separately .

There is an annual Domain Name Administration fee.

The hosting fees charged by the Host for the Website as well as the email services are for the basic tier and have been factored into the Administration Services fee and should they increase for any reason this cost will be passed onto you (the Client).

The Administration Services period will automatically renew for successive twelve (12) month Terms unless cancelled in writing by you at least 30 days prior to the end of Term renewal date. Renewal prices are subject to change.

Payment of presented invoices shall be deemed an acceptance of the terms of the Services. Failure to pay presented invoice shall be deemed a breach of the terms of services and will result in the termination of the Administration Services including the website hosting and email solutions.